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DBA Runners is an online coaching service by Matty Abel.

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DBA Runners is an online coaching service by Matty Abel.

Get fit.

We work with all running abilities. From those just starting their running journey to the everyday runners. DBA is fit for you.

Have fun.

Become part of the DBA Online Community that help and support each other.

Stay on track.

At DBA Runners, we use the Training Peaks platform to plan, track and analyse all training.

Welcome to DBA Runners.

DBA Runners was founded in 2013. Driven by a passion for running, extensive physiological knowledge and years of coaching experience, DBA Runners is a collaborative community open to all types of runners and capabilities.

What We Do.

At DBA Runners, we aim to build robust runners. All of our online training programs are designed with the performance, health and longevity of our clients in mind and designed specifically for YOU.


The Running Room – Manly uses an instrumented treadmill equipped with a force plate which allows them to accurately measure the forces and biomechanical factors that can help reduce injury and increase performance.


Road or Trail
7 Days

a week

150+ events

a year