Online Coaching.

At DBA Runners, we use the Training Peaks platform to plan, track and analyse all training. For clients, it is extremely user-friendly to access via a desktop or the Training Peaks mobile app. As a coach, it allows me to gather valuable training data, store and analyse race results, use various testing protocols and interact with you.
Once you sign up with DBA Runners, we design a bespoke, periodised training plan. Your training plan is tailored not only to the distance, terrain and ascent/descent of your ‘A’ race, but also your general lifestyle (family, business, student, etc.). Every week your customised training plan will be available to you through the Training Peaks platform.
Heart rate, pace zones and individual feedback are some of the metrics we use when designing programs. We also assign each session with a training stress score to ensure you are not under or overtraining and you’re running in the correct zones specific to you. We have found this approach extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to race day, as our clients become more aware of how their body responds to different intensities, elevation changes and weather conditions over the duration of their program.

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The Running Room – Manly uses an instrumented treadmill equipped with a force plate which allows them to accurately measure the forces and biomechanical factors that can help reduce injury and increase performance.