About Us.

DBA Runners is a Northern Beaches based running community that services clients both domestically and internationally through DBA’s Online Coaching platform. Matty Abel founded DBA Runners in 2013 after working in the fitness industry for many years. Matty’s passion for running led to the realisation of DBA Runners, where he now works alongside a number of like-minded coaches who all strive to help DBA clients achieve their goals.

The name DBA Runners stems from the acronym for “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. Matty has lived by this motto since completing his first ultramarathon in 2011 and has adopted it into all of his training methodology.

“You have the dreams, we instil the belief through our robust weekly training programs, and together we achieve whatever it is you set out to do. The values behind DBA Runners has always been to help clients achieve their running goals, even if they initially thought it was never possible.”

DBA Runners prides itself on helping every type of runner, from those just starting their running journey to those regularly running ultra-endurance events or racing at a competitive level. We love the DBA community as well as the greater Northern Beaches running community, so we give back by hosting a free weekly run club in conjunction with Pace Athletic Manly. We would love to see you there!