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1. Work on your agility.


Unlike road running, trail running requires you to run in a different gait, bound from rock to rock and run up and down uneven hills. If you’re used to road running, this may catch you out on race day. Some simple tips are practice running on a trail, mix up your running with a combination of grass to stairs, add skipping to your training, practice standing on one leg with your eyes closed or purchase a speed ladder and add it onto the end of one of your runs.


2. Increase your vertical gain.


Trail races are very rarely ‘flat’ and race directors love to add in as many hills as possible. Make sure you add in 1 – 2 hilly runs each week, this will not only strengthen your legs but will also make race day a lot easier. Make sure you add in a mixture of hills and stairs, start small and build each week. You can use the app STRAVA to track your running and weekly vertical gain.


3. Strength & Conditioning.


Trail running requires more from the body and if you haven’t run on the trails before, strength work can do wonders. We highly recommend strengthening the hips and core, as they are the foundations of your body. From there you can strengthen outwards, predominantly focusing on the lower body. Include squats, lunges and step-ups in your lower body workout.


4. Practice.


The golden rule with anything, the more your practice the better you become. Team up with a friend, join a running group that runs on the trails and practice as much as possible, even if it's only 10-20 minutes at a time.

Preparing For Your First Trail Race

By Matty Abel, Training, 8 October 2016

You’re making the move from road running to trail running and with trail running fast becoming a popular sport, we don’t blame you!

Not only is trail running better for your joints and muscles, it’s also better for the brain. With anything from 5km races through to multi-stage events, there is an option for everyone. Some run to test their physical and mental strength whilst others just want to increase their fitness. But how do you prepare for your first trail run?


Firstly, I want to bring you back to our roots of running. Generally speaking, we aren’t designed to slog away on the hard pavements for hours on end, which ‘can’ create biomechanical issues. However, we are designed to run on softer more uneven grounds and if you’ve ever read the book “Born to Run”, you’ll get a good understanding as to why.


Trail running is a lot different to road running, but it doesn’t require a special skill set. Here are DBA Runners top tips to prepare for your first trail race.